Global weather data

We provide global weather data covering roughly 6,000 locations around the world.

Japan’s weather is affected by the global atmospheric circulation. Japan Weather Association’s eco-logi project developed original weather forecasts for approximately 6,000 locations throughout the globe and began offering them in the fall of 2019.

From daily to medium- or long-term weather forecasts, Japan Weather Association has made it possible to provide overseas weather forecasts based on the latest technology that improves accuracy using proprietary methods.

By utilizing global weather forecast data, it will be possible for manufacturers to efficiently draw up raw material supply and production plans as well as sales plans at overseas locations.

We have also begun developing and using global demand forecasts for business, by analyzing overseas weather forecast and sales data.
When contacting us for further information, be sure to provide the key regions and major cities involved in your business.
We will propose the weather data type and demand forecasting service that is appropriate for your needs.*
*Available formats: CSV, PDF/FTP, email, etc. Please inform us the format of your choice.

(Demand forecast sample image)

Global weather data

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